Life can feel like a storm sometimes.

Especially right now things are just a little off kilter, or a lot off kilter.

When things don’t seem right, when we feel lost at sea we often flail about to find something to grab onto.

We are looking for something…anything that can be an anchor.

And if we are looking for an anchor outside of ourselves we will definitely find it.

For some it’s work.

For Others it’s their marriage and family relationships.

For some it’s their vices.

It doesn’t really matter what it is if it’s outside of yourself, because unless you are your own anchor, you won’t be able to weather the storm.

I am starting to see this on my own journey. 

Confession time…I have never been my own anchor.

I have relied on so many other people and things to keep me grounded, it’s as though I had dozens of anchors, none of them big enough to keep me secure, but the combined force of all the smaller anchors seemed to keep my ship of life safe.

But you can’t rely on dozens of anchors to keep you safe, because the truth is anything outside of yourself can go away, the job, the spouse, the money, even the vice can disappear.

And if you lose one of those things, maybe one of the things that has kept you grounded for your whole life?

You have a good chance of getting lost at sea.


If you become your own anchor?

You won’t need anything else to keep you grounded.

Which allows you to actually have a healthy relationship with your work, or your loved ones, or even your vices. (Yes, you can have a healthy relationship with your vices)

How does someone become their own anchor?

I don’t know.

I’m figuring it out.

But it seems like the first step is to stop anchoring myself on anything external to me, and to start trusting myself.

As I trust myself, I can let go of all the external things I thought I needed to keep me grounded.

Which gives me all the freedom and stability.

At least it seems that way to me.

Carry on.