My name is Keith, and I write songs

My name is Keith, and I write songs. It wasn’t always that way. In fact for a time in my life even my mom thought I would never be musically inclined. “Tone Deaf” was the phrase she used. But something inside of me didn’t just love to play music. Something inside of me wanted to create […]


I never learned how to fight. Not just in the “throw a punch” sort of way either. But the story I want to tell does involve punches. I am the sixth of seven children, and my one sibling that was younger than me was Marc. By now you know that my relationship with Marc and his […]


I like to think of myself as a skeptical person. Probably because it makes me feel like I am a smart person. But the reality is there is so much I don’t know, and so much that I can’t know, and even though I want to know everything, there are simply things I don’t know. And […]


Life can feel like a storm sometimes. Especially right now things are just a little off kilter, or a lot off kilter. When things don’t seem right, when we feel lost at sea we often flail about to find something to grab onto. We are looking for something…anything that can be an anchor. And if we […]


Masks. I have avoided writing about this. Because I legitimately cannot believe that this is the thing we are arguing about. This is the dumbest 2 sided dynamic that I have seen polarize our society in my lifetime. So here is my hot take. Are you ready? If you are wearing a mask alone in your […]


My little brother knew instinctively just how to get responses from me. And the most frustrating thing about it was that I didn’t seem to have the ability to fight it. He just knew how to push my buttons. It may have been one of the earliest instances of me ceding my power to someone else, […]

I Choose Me

I am choosing myself. That’s the answer. For months I have been in the hurricane, trying to weigh things out and look at different possible futures and how those futures might look. I have been tearing apart each possible situation and looking at how it all shakes out. I have been putting all the major players […]

Play The Long Game

Peace. I finally have a bit of it. There is something I tell my people all the time. It’s one of the things that is really the bedrock of living to your full potential. And I feel kind of stupid, because I have been in this whirlwind for months now, spinning myself out of control.  When […]


I have always felt a little awkward in my own skin. But never so much as how I felt from about the age of 10 to the age of 14. I felt trapped inside the body I had, it wasn’t tall enough, it felt too pudgy and clumsy. My limbs didn’t seem to work quite right, […]


I have lived easy. And I have lived hard. Sometimes I say things to people like “choose hard things, they are more rewarding.” And I believe them in the moment. I really do buy my own BS from time to time. But you know, sometimes…I miss easy. I have chosen hard a lot, I have decided […]