Perfection, Part Two- “Mr. Perfect”

(This is the second in a multi part series on my personal journey with what I call perfectionism, you can find the first part in my profile just before this post. I give you the same disclaimer as before, this is pretty raw, you have been warned) Mr. Perfect. There is an old Everclear song called […]

Perfection Part One- The Rise of The Representative

(There is a lot to write on this particular topic, so I am going to be tackling it in a multi part series. In writing about perfection, in particular my own attempts at perfection, It might get a little raw, fine a lot raw. You have been warned) Part One- The Rise Of The Representative I […]


Sometimes we spin ourselves in circles. It seems like the world is currently doing this thing. We are being pulled in a million different directions. And many times it gets more and more difficult to know what is true and what is not. And to be fair I think we get pulled away from some true […]

Go Outside

Some people think I hike a lot. I don’t think I hike enough. Today was my 16th hike for the year. Which puts me well behind the goal I had at the start of the year. Which means maybe I don’t hit 52 hikes this year. But it won’t stop me from getting out and on […]


What now? Many words have been spilt about what is going on in the country. Many people weighing in with their opinions. Trying to convince other people that their point of view is correct. Some are saying that “this is not the way to get things done.” Others say “this is the only way to get […]

My name is Keith, and I write songs

My name is Keith, and I write songs. It wasn’t always that way. In fact for a time in my life even my mom thought I would never be musically inclined. “Tone Deaf” was the phrase she used. But something inside of me didn’t just love to play music. Something inside of me wanted to create […]


I never learned how to fight. Not just in the “throw a punch” sort of way either. But the story I want to tell does involve punches. I am the sixth of seven children, and my one sibling that was younger than me was Marc. By now you know that my relationship with Marc and his […]


I like to think of myself as a skeptical person. Probably because it makes me feel like I am a smart person. But the reality is there is so much I don’t know, and so much that I can’t know, and even though I want to know everything, there are simply things I don’t know. And […]


Life can feel like a storm sometimes. Especially right now things are just a little off kilter, or a lot off kilter. When things don’t seem right, when we feel lost at sea we often flail about to find something to grab onto. We are looking for something…anything that can be an anchor. And if we […]


Masks. I have avoided writing about this. Because I legitimately cannot believe that this is the thing we are arguing about. This is the dumbest 2 sided dynamic that I have seen polarize our society in my lifetime. So here is my hot take. Are you ready? If you are wearing a mask alone in your […]