Do the right thing.

That’s the secret.

If I could only teach my people one thing that would contribute most to their success in real estate those four words would be what I would say.

And if they went out into the world of real estate armed only with that advice I feel like their success would be all but guaranteed.

Of course this advice is simple, but that does not make it easy.

Often doing the right thing is incredibly hard.

Often doing the right thing gets you paid less…

…sometimes it means you don’t get paid at all.

Sometimes it means you lose sleep…

…or drive hundreds of miles out of the way.

Sometimes it means you find contractors…

…or pay for repairs to make sure your clients home is in the shape they deserve.

Sometimes it means you realize that your client needs to wait to sell or buy a home…

…or that they shouldn’t do it at all.

But in all of those situations the thing that runs through each situation is you know what the right thing is, and you always must do it.

Too often in business people sacrifice the long term relationship for the short term dollars. IT’s been so prevalent in the real estate industry that whole trainings have been built around the concept of “making the client work with you, no matter what” even if that means lying about your offer, or playing the bait and switch game, or even just pestering the other human until they give up.

This is the type of thing they teach to brand new real estate agents. 

It’s disgusting.

Our job is not to do the least amount possible and get real paid.

Our job is to do the right thing.

No matter what.

That’s how you build loyalty.

That’s how you build relationships.

That’s how you build a business.

Carry on.

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