4:22 AM

That is when my alarm goes off.

I haven’t always been one of these weirdos that wakes up when night owls are going to sleep.

To be fair, I was never a night owl, but again I was never an early riser. I fell right in the middle. I went to bed at a decent time, and woke up at a normal time. And I felt like that was just the way things were.

As a teenager I did notice one thing, all of my friends had the uncanny ability to sleep in until 11AM or Noon, and I never could get past 8:30 or 9:00. I tried but at some point I felt like I was just wasting the day. Also Saturday mornings were typically for doing chores so sleeping in was not really an option most weekends.

After the whole high school experience I had to get up a little earlier than I was used in order to get to work on time, so 6:30 became a pretty normal thing for me, of course I was in my late teens so I could stay out until 2AM or some ridiculous thing and come home and still wake up at 6:30 and not have it phase me.

As a Mormon missionary it was standard to wake up at 6AM so that’s what I did.

After 2 years of waking up at 6AM every morning a routine was born, a routine that lasted many years, 6AM was a good time to wake up and it got me to work on time.

Then I quit my job to work for myself.

And there was really no reason to get up early anymore. So I didn’t have a set “wake up” time.

Until the running started happening.


And as my distances increased I started waking up earlier and earlier.

And I noticed something.

The world is a different place at 5AM.

There are plenty of people out and about, but it’s still a little quieter, a little slower, and the potential of what the day holds is a little more electric.

So 5:30AM became the default wake up time.

Then 2 years ago Tia and I started doing a morning routine together…and 5AM became the default wake up time.

Then Tia wanted to have an extra half an hour to work out at the gym.

And 4:30AM became the default.

And then she wanted to arrive at the gym by 5:30 and we were typically there a few minutes after 5:30.

Hence my alarm going off at 4:22AM.

Once you have woken up early for long enough it just becomes your default, so Monday through Friday I wake up early. It’s not weird for me, and of course as a result I go to bed very early on weekdays.

The weekends? That will depend on the night before. Sometimes it’s business as usual, and sometimes…well…sometimes I need to “sleep it off” so to speak.

After enough years of this I really can’t see my life working in any other way, waking up early has become a part of who I am now, maybe because I’ve gotten older, or maybe because I have willpower or some combination of both.

Whatever it is, I like it.

Carry on.

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