They are a tricky mistress.

You go through your whole life building them.

This is how my life is going to look, this is how my relationships are going to pan out, this is how my family is going to look, this is how my health is going to look.

And we get horrifically frustrated when they are not met.

In fact I think most if not all of our frustrations are a result of unmet expectations.

From the small to the big it seems like we have an image of what our life will look like, and then we get overwhelmed when the picture in our mind does not occur in real life.

We expect people to drive safely and courteously…and they don’t.

We expect a business proposition to go through…and it doesn’t.

We expect a promotion, a relationship, success, or momentum…and it doesn’t happen.

So we get frustrated.

It happens almost every time I try to summit a mountain.

I expect it to take less time than it does.

I expect it to be less difficult than it is.

And there is always a moment where I want to turn back. Where I am frustrated that the trail is difficult, or the scramble seems impassable, or my body does not want to keep moving forward.

You would think by now I would have altered my expectations.

But that’s not how any of us work.

We go through life with expectations.

Then we are thoroughly frustrated when they are not met.

Then we get frustrated that we are frustrated.

It’s a vicious cycle.

But what can we do?

I really don’t know, I am in the middle of one of these cycles and I thought writing about it might add some clarity, which to be fair it usually does.

But what if there is no answer?

No answer other than doing what I have to do when I am on the mountain.

Just. Keep. Moving.

I’m starting to think that’s my solution to everything.

I’ll have to keep you posted on how that continues to work out for me.

Carry on.

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