Some people think I hike a lot.

I don’t think I hike enough.

Today was my 16th hike for the year. Which puts me well behind the goal I had at the start of the year.

Which means maybe I don’t hit 52 hikes this year.

But it won’t stop me from getting out and on the mountain.

I’ve come a long way in the last few months in terms of clarity and all the personal turmoil I have been going through.

It’s not a fun journey.

But one thing I can count on is when I am outdoors I feel better, and when I am in the mountains it feels like nothing can touch me.

Which is why I don’t think I hike enough. 

There is a clarity that comes to me while I am on the mountain, and life makes sense, and I get super focused and I know what I need to do, not just to complete the hike but to live the most effective life I can.

So my advice today?

Go outside.

Feel the sun shine on your face.

Breathe in some fresh air.

Spend some time in nature.

And just let all the other stuff fall away for a few moments, and appreciate the earth we live on.

It always makes me feel better.

Maybe it will work for you too.

Carry on.