Not all my ideas are mine.

To be fair most of them probably aren’t.

I want to write about something today that a friend of mine talked about in a video.

I’m even going to steal his story.

(Thanks Bryan, and sorry for stealing your thunder)

In the video he talks about one of the most important elements of success.

I might be THE major determining factor to someone achieving success, whatever their definition of success might be.

In it Bryan talks about his son’s soccer team, and specifically a coach that was trying to create a remarkable team. To do this the coach had developed a philosophy.

A philosophy that was more important that instant results.

And he taught these kids the philosophy first, and made it the priority. Apparently it was pretty intense.

And apparently the kids didn’t win a lot of games.

But the coach wasn’t focused on winning “right now,” he was focused on teaching these kids a framework, and a culture and philosophy of play that would serve them in greater ways further down the road.

It’s a rough concept to grasp, and ultimately the team didn’t stay together.

I don’t know why the team broke up,  but I picked up what Bryan was laying down, and I’ll link the video in the comments so you can watch it cause the dude is pretty entertaining.

If you want to achieve your own definition of success…

If you want to reach your full potential…

If you want to do all of this while being a happy, fulfilled person…

You have to commit to  a philosophy.

Not just any philosophy though.

A philosophy that resonates with the core of your character.

A philosophy that lights that fire in your heart.

A philosophy that becomes the very definition of who you are.

If you can find that…

Scratch that.

If you can DEVELOP that philosophy?

You are on your way.

Honestly, if you can develop that philosophy?

You are way further down the path than you even know.

Thanks for the reminder Bryan.

Carry on.

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