Today, a dumb story.

Earlier this week I wrote about buying my first car, and it reminded me of the life of that car after I bought it.

Of course there is the story of me getting a ticket the first day I drove the car to and from work.

But that’s not today’s story.

Today’s story is how I only had that car for like 6 months…maybe.

All because I lent it to my little brother.

It was a day like any other, except I didn’t really have any plans and Marc needed to go somewhere so he asked if he could borrow my car.

Marc was generally a good driver, so I didn’t really have any qualms about him running somewhere.

And as you may have guessed his little venture ended in an accident.

He was pulling out of a parking lot and someone crashed right into the front quarter panel, smashing that fender and bending the frame of the car.

I don’t remember if I got super angry, but I do know that I told Marc he was now going to buy the car from me for what I paid for it, which he did. And with that and insurance money I was able to go buy another car.

But now Marc had a car, so he removed the quarter panel, bent it back into shape the best he could and then he attached a tow rope to a tree, and to the frame of the car.

He then slammed the car in reverse, turned the wheel hard and pulled the frame back into a roughly straight condition.

He aligned the tires, but the quarter panel back on, and he now had a running car.

Marc was clever and handy that way.

But I think he had cursed that car, because some months later he was rear ended while at a red light, it smashed the back of the car in and made it so the hatchback would not open anymore.

Insurance paid to total the car, but what did Marc do?

He attached the tow rope to a tree, and then to the rear frame, and slammed on the gas pulling the rear end out enough for him to work his magic and once again have a functioning vehicle.

He collected the insurance money and now had some spending money for car stereo equipment.

And he drove the car for several more months until one snowy day a Chevy Suburban slammed into the rear quarter panel and pretty much took the back of the car right off.

This time there was no way to tie the frame to a tree and work his magic.

The car was dead.


Marc collected the insurance money and bought a new car.

Best I can remember Marc paid me $400 for that 1981 rust/sky blue Honda Accord.

And best I can remember he walked away with at least $2000 in insurance payments.

Which was a pretty classic Marc maneuver.

Carry on.