I have avoided writing about this.

Because I legitimately cannot believe that this is the thing we are arguing about.

This is the dumbest 2 sided dynamic that I have seen polarize our society in my lifetime.

So here is my hot take.

Are you ready?

If you are wearing a mask alone in your car, you are doing it wrong.

If you are taking a walk with your family outside and you are all wearing masks you are doing it wrong.

If you are wearing the mask over your mouth but not your nose you are doing it wrong.

If you pull your mask off your face to sneeze you are doing it wrong.

On the other hand.

If you think a business requiring you wear a mask is violating your constitutional rights, you are doing it wrong.

If you think wearing a mask is intended to protect you and not others, you are doing it wrong.

If you think just because you don’t feel sick you shouldn’t have to wear a mask you are doing it wrong.

If you think a company requiring you to wear a mask is any different than a company requiring you to wear shoes you are doing it wrong.

And most of all, if you post some opinion piece and you haven’t vetted the source, if you are making bold claims about what is going on and you don’t have actual facts to back it up, if you are insisting that the only explanation is a grand conspiracy…

You are doing it wrong.

All this has proven is how inept our government is and how easy it is to divide us.

And we are all falling for it.

So here you go, are you ready for the damn common sense way to do this mask thing?

Don’t wear it at home.

Don’t wear it at the park.

Don’t wear it while you are driving around.

Wear it for the 20-30 minutes you are spending in the store, leave it on, don’t grab at it, just wear it, because even if it only reduces transmission by 30% (not a scientifically backed number) it still has the capacity to reduce transmission.

And I think the poor kid that is bagging your groceries or pouring your coffee deserves at least for you to be considerate and make an effort.

Don’t like mask rules?

Don’t frequent the business.

But don’t declare it on facebook like you are some sort of patriot for defying the tyranny of Costco.

It’s called the free market.

Look it up.

And for hell’s sake put on your big kid pants and suck it up, you can handle wearing a mask here and there.

Carry on.