My name is Keith, and I write songs.

It wasn’t always that way.

In fact for a time in my life even my mom thought I would never be musically inclined.

“Tone Deaf” was the phrase she used.

But something inside of me didn’t just love to play music. Something inside of me wanted to create music, I wanted to be the person that created the song that touched someone’s soul.

I started taking piano lessons at the age of 7.

By 14 I got frustrated playing other people’s songs, and wanted to write my own.

But I couldn’t break that barrier on the piano for some reason.

So I quit piano.

And told my parents I wanted to play guitar. 

They said, “we aren’t buying you a guitar.”

And none of my insistence landed with them. So I found another way. I had a friend that had an old Squier Stratocaster sitting around and I offered to pay him 10 bucks a month for 10 months to buy it off of him.

He took the deal.

And I started to teach myself guitar. The first four chords I learned were the chorus of the song “Far Behind” by Candlebox.

While I was playing the chorus it hit me. Songs are just chords in a certain order!

So I took those 4 chords, rearranged them, grabbed some bad poetry and I wrote my first song.

True to 15 year old angst, the song was called “Death Threats” and it was not great.

But it was mine.

I made it. 

And from there every new thing I learned on the guitar was just an excuse to write another song. And I never did go make that my job, but…

In my time I have written hundreds of songs, some stick, and some just float away into the aether.

And writing songs gives me a catharsis that I can’t find anywhere else.

There is an emotional release when you pour your soul into a song.

And it’s almost like you are able to capture that emotion, that moment of feeling in a bottle to be able to take off the shelf and taste later.

And I think that’s why I keep doing it.

The songs are another illustration of the life I live.

And I like to share that with people.

My name is Keith, and I write songs.

Carry on.