“Our people.”

That’s what I like to call them.

Not “Agents.”

Not “Realtors.”

Not “Real Estate Professionals”

Just people, but they are more than that to me, they are the fuel that runs what we do. And I am consistently impressed with just how much they persevere in the face of what seem like insurmountable odds.

They are out there doing the right thing for their clients day in and day out.

Even when things are stacked against them.

I could tell you about Chiravone who discovered right before her buyer was ready to close on the house that the house was approaching foreclosure and that the current appraised value would not satisfy the foreclosing loan, so she worked with the other agent and ended up taking a pay cut to make sure her clients got the home they loved. It’s a hard decision to make, and she stuck it out in the face of an “impossible to close” deal.

Or I could tell you about Kristie who has been playing superhero to save a transaction for a client where the lender basically threw up their hands and gave up. Mind you this wasn’t even for her client, but the buyer for her clients home, but this client needed to sell the home to buy their dream home. And there have been multiple delays, and the sellers on the other side of her purchase transaction have been frustrated, and I watch as Kristie perseveres for her client and with some help from one dedicated lender looks like is going to be able to keep all the deals on track.

There is also Laticia, who jumped a back fence to get her client access to her new home when the keys didn’t work, and then when we found the home in less than stellar condition due to some larger items that were left in the home. In those moments when your client is not happy, it can be easy to throw your hands up in the air and say sorry, but that’s not Laticia’s way, she wanted her client to have the very best experience possible so she stayed up late locating someone that could come haul the things away the following morning. Which she did, and after it was all said and done the client was very happy, which is what Laticia is all about.

As I watch our people hit challenge after challenge I am always inspired, there is a level of grit and determination that I get to witness day after day, and it helps me to keep on keeping on when I am having a rough go. Which totally happens you guys, I promise.

Legit, our people are the best there are in the industry.

Carry on.

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