Little Things

It’s the little things. Or maybe it’s the things that only seem little. We live in a society that is constantly shifting and changing, and technology has been moving at such an incredible rate that it seems like we are always scrambling to keep up with the latest changes in the landscape. If we are to […]

Selling A Unicorn

“Selling a Unicorn.” That’s what we call it sometimes. Because what we are working so hard towards doesn’t exist yet. The heart is there, the feeling is there, the beautiful abstract painting of what we want it to look like is there. But it doesn’t exist yet. Right now it might look a lot like a […]

The Secret

It’s an age old question. It’s the one I hear most often from new and experienced agents alike. “How do I get more business?” And the answer I always give seems too simple to be effective. It seems too pie in the sky, hippie dippie, woo woo, to be realistic. It has no hard trackable metrics. […]


It’s amazing the things you find out when you listen. I learned this lesson early. But didn’t really start implementing the wisdom of it until much later in life. And then of course there is the situation where you know what is the right thing to do, and even as you haul around that knowledge you […]

Patterns…You Weirdo

There are patterns and connections everywhere. At least it seems that way. Over the years I have learned that human beings are pattern recognition machines, we see patterns where they exist and we even see patterns where there are none. Humans have been doing this for as long as we have been humans, I am always […]

Our People

“Our people.” That’s what I like to call them. Not “Agents.” Not “Realtors.” Not “Real Estate Professionals” Just people, but they are more than that to me, they are the fuel that runs what we do. And I am consistently impressed with just how much they persevere in the face of what seem like insurmountable odds. […]

Embrace The Stumble

I am not a cat person. I have what they call allergies. I also think cats hate people. Notwithstanding this fact I am the owner of 2 cats, this is a result of years of pleading and a moment of weakness on my part. While I am not a cat person, Tia is most definitely a […]

Impostor Syndrome

Sometimes I don’t feel like an impostor anymore. This is a good thing. Back when I started these daily musings I had a hard time defining myself as a writer, even though I have been writing something or another for most of my life, be it music, poetry, or these think pieces. There always seems to […]

Early to bed, early to…whatever

4:22 AM That is when my alarm goes off. I haven’t always been one of these weirdos that wakes up when night owls are going to sleep. To be fair, I was never a night owl, but again I was never an early riser. I fell right in the middle. I went to bed at a […]

On Empathy

I have no idea what you are going through. It’s really how I feel most of the time. Life is happening all around us, and we are all going through so many different things that it would be impossible for me to understand precisely what it is that you are passing through. I can’t do the […]