Anxiety is kind of a weird thing to deal with on the daily. Mostly because you are always expecting it, yet it crops up and still manages to surprise you. Like you get ready for an anxiety attack to come at you from where you can see, but anxiety is more like the hand that reaches […]

Letting Go

(A word of warning, today’s post is pretty heavy) Letting go. Seems like the simplest possible thing to do. You just… let go. Whatever it might be, fear, expectations, outcomes, the vision of the life you had, relationships, a job, the version of yourself that you have built, the past, guilt, shame, anything really. There are […]


Boundaries. I have only recently learned what they are. I thought I got it before. I was wrong. My journey of self discovery for the last year or so has been enlightening, it has led me to some very cool realizations about myself, as well as some discoveries about myself that have been pretty tough to […]


Extremes. Somehow we have all been sold a bill of goods that the power is in the extremes. And we have seen it so often in our world lately. Politically… Socially… Philosophically… We have been told that the only way to generate movement is to be polarizing.  But we haven’t paid attention to who is telling […]

The Cave You Fear To Enter

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” This statement is often attributed to Joseph Campbell, and for the purposes of what I am going to write about today, we will assume that is the case. Because regardless of who said it or how they said it it is a truth. It is […]

Father Of The Year

I went four months without yelling at my kid. It was an interesting experience. If you have kids you know that sometimes they are so much like you that it is infuriating, because you realize two things. First you realize you weren’t as smart as you thought you were when you were a kid. Second you […]

Positive Is Easy

Positive is easy.  I mean, it’s pretty simple to throw together some inspiring thoughts that uplift people.  It’s easy to get people to respond to that, because positive is something we all want to feel. The hard part? Sharing something that might not be so positive. Something hard. Emotions that we would rather not admit we […]

On The Topic Of Fear

Fear. It’s a powerful emotion. Unfortunately it is also a powerful tool. And it is currently being used, in a very real and very powerful way. Yesterday I was introduced to a Facebook group by Matt, he showed it to me because he was indignant. And he had a right to be. This particular group touts […]

Hard Things

We want things to be easy. It’s just human nature. But easy things are almost never satisfying. Andy Frisella said on a podcast that when you have the choice between the easy road and the hard road you should always choose the hard road. Which sounds terrible.  But he’s right. Easy things are never going to […]

The Music Can’t Lie

I sat there, stunned. I really couldn’t wrap my brain around it. But there they were, my words, my own damn words from nearly two decades ago expressing exactly the things I am struggling with in life right now. I continued to listen, song after song after song. And the message was the same. Maybe I […]