Irish Car Bombs

Irish Car Bombs They are a terrible drink. Irish Whisky, Irish Cream, and Irish Stout all mixed together?  I mean, who comes up with this stuff? But it’s a tradition now. It’s funny the dates you remember, or that you remember them at all, but March 17th 2015 is a very important day for me. Life […]

“Those People”

I was never going to be one of “those people.” I fought it. I fought it hard. But at the end of the day science is right.  Exercise makes you feel better. And it’s a good thing I changed my mind about being one of “those people.” Because about the same time I started being what […]


Traffic. For many of us it is something that can make or break our entire day. Depending on how you feel, or how you interpret the actions of others you can decide that the world is amazing or the world is a flaming turd. That’s how powerful traffic can be. But what is traffic anyway? The […]


I never get asked the question “how?” People ask me why I publish every day. People ask me what I am publishing every day. But it seems like the “how” of things is not something that is of interest to most people. Which is funny to me, because I think the lack of that question makes […]

Cheat Codes

Privilege. I feel like I can divide a room into two parts when I bring up the concept of privilege. Half of the room will hear me say the word and think, “go to hell, I worked hard for what I have and I won’t have you diminish my efforts!” The other half will say, “well, […]


Deadlines. You either live by them, ignore them, or stress over them. For some a deadline is merely a suggestion. For some a deadline is the fuel that makes them take action (even at the last minute) But at the end of the day we get to decide just how we treat what is a seemingly […]

Too Fast

Too fast… That’s how I usually want to do things.  Because I know what I want. And I want it now. But I digress, typically I haven’t been able to get to where I want to go because I try to find the fast way there, I try to find the shortcut or the “one weird […]

Little Changes

It’s been long established. And I think it’s true of most people. So it goes with me. I hate being on video. And it’s not, “I hate being on video” while I secretly love being on video. I legit have the hardest time seeing myself on a screen, the self criticism flows out of me like […]


It’s still there. Staring me in the face every morning.  The belly fat. Almost a year of work. 216 grueling workouts. Tracking and weighing my food like a weirdo. And still it stares at me. Jiggling ever so slightly so as to show me that it will take more that I have been doing to get […]

Black Sheep

“Black Sheep” It’s typically a phrase reserved for the ones we consider wayward, the ones who have strayed from the path. It’s often used in a negative way. In a way that signals someone who is somehow in the wrong in some way or another. Last night I was sitting at the office with some of […]