There are patterns and connections everywhere.

At least it seems that way.

Over the years I have learned that human beings are pattern recognition machines, we see patterns where they exist and we even see patterns where there are none.

Humans have been doing this for as long as we have been humans, I am always reminded of this when I look at the stars.

It’s one of my favorite things to do, just sit back and stare at the night sky, it makes me feel insignificant and like the center of the universe at the same time, which is kind of a cool feeling.

Our ancestors looked at the night sky and saw patterns emerge, they connected dots to form constellations and they then used those constellations as a guide. It helped our ancestors feel a sense of connection with the unknown.

Some things never change, we still look for patterns to explain the unknowable, some people still look to the stars for that explanation, and some people look at their own tiny behaviors to explain things.

I like to think that I am a fairly logical person, but even with that in mind I carry around some pretty weird beliefs in my head based on me picking out behavior patterns from certain times in my life.

Case in point…

There is a website I love, it isn’t as cool as it once was, but I used to love to buy stuff from that website, it was all the most random things, but they had good deals and $5 shipping so I ended up with a lot of stuff in Woot boxes.

Then work got slow, and I didn’t buy things from Woot anymore.

Then things picked back up and I continued to not purchase things from Woot. My brain then connected the lack of buying crap from Woot with the fact that work picked back up. So there I stood looking at a pattern “When I buy stuff from Woot, work slows down, when I don’t it picks back up.”

Which is stupid.

It makes no sense.

But my brain told me it was so.

So I didn’t go back to the Woot website for like 2 years, because even though I knew better logically, I was not emotionally ready to disconnect from that belief.

I think a lot of us have things like that in our brains, maybe we haven’t thought through the connection points, maybe we haven’t taken apart the pattern to acknowledge that it is there, but for many of us these are things that drive our behavior.

Which also means we all do things that make absolutely no sense.

Which means we witness other people doing things that make absolutely no sense.

But seeing as we all possess at least one or two quirks (or dozens…or hundreds) we might want to cut other people some slack.

Because the majority of patterns we have internalized that drive our behavior don’t actually have anything to do with reality.

So be kind.

Because you are a weirdo too.

Carry on.

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