It’s a simple word that carries with it so much weight.

Unfettered is another way to put it. But that of course is a less simple word.

Coming to the conclusion that I have built a prison around myself has been the greatest single realization of my life.

Freeing myself from my own prison will be the greatest single achievement of my life. 

But on the other side of that accomplishment?

I get to be free.

Free from the expectations of other people.

Free from the opinions of other people.

Free from my own expectations about who I “should” be.

Free to just exist.


Such a simple word.

For the longest time I thought I was looking for peace, and I have come to realize that peace is a byproduct, peace is something that happens when you live in accordance with your heart.

Peace happens when you set yourself free.

I fear they may be some huge steps to make before I get there. I fear there may be some pain involved, but all this time I have been avoiding pain. It might be time to embrace the pain so that I can unchain my “self” from myself.

I can see the pain.

But I can also see the freedom.

So while I may have to crawl through the briars.

I may have to scramble through the rocks.

I may have to break against the mountain.

There is a summit.

And I will reach it.

Carry on.