There are definitely reasons to quit sometimes.

Real concrete reasons that you want to give up.

Realities that make whatever you are working toward seem impossible.

I’m not talking about excuses, I am talking about real valid reasons, things that actually stop us from finishing, or starting, or taking any action at all.

Someday y’all are going to sick of my talk of hiking and how it correlates with life and achievement. That doesn’t mean I will stop doing it, it just means that you’ll get sick of it.

I once attempted a hike that should have gone fine and dandy.

Instead I slipped and fell and broke the old leg.

After I flew down the mountain and was sitting in the Emergency Room my friend Behle came in, and the first thing he said to me was the following sentence that ate at me for an entire year. He said,

“You know you didn’t finish that hike.”

And he was right, and that was the galling part about it.

I had quit. I had quit with a solid reason but I had quit.

I mean I guess if I was ultra hard core I would have crab walked my way down the mountain and finished the hike, but I have never claimed to even be mildly hard core.

So I quit.

And I knew I had to finish.

Thus the thing that drove my recovery was not so much a desire to get back to normal in the day to day sense, but a desire to get back out and finish what I started.

Which meant starting over.

And sure enough one year later I found myself standing in the parking lot looking at the hellish ascent ahead of me.

And I took that first step.

And we went to the top.

And then came back down.

Then we ate tacos, because…well you don’t need a special reason to eat tacos.

But what had once been an insurmountable task, something made impossible by chance or fate or whatever you want to call it was finally completed.

Sure I quit.

That’s not what matters.

What matters is you take care of what it was that made you quit and you get back on the mountain.

That’s how you build stamina.

That’s how you finish what you start.

Even if you have to start over.

Carry on.

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