Sometimes it seems like I just look up words in the dictionary and then start writing about them.

I don’t.

But I do often start with a single word in mind.

Today that word is regret.

And the thoughts I was going to share shifted in just the last few moments, so buckle up, this might get rambly.

We all make decisions sometimes, and those decisions have consequences, like I wrote about earlier this week. 

When the consequences of our decisions hit we can sometimes get slaughtered by feelings of regret, even though we know based on all the factors that the decision we made was the right one.

When Matt and I left our old company to start Unity Group we knew it was the right thing.

That didn’t make it easy.

And there were moments where those pangs of regret would land firmly on me.

And it didn’t really cause me to question the decision, but it did make me want to try and do things to ease those feelings of regret, and all the possibilities ran through my mind.

But I needed to feel that discomfort.

Not just to be okay with discomfort.

But because I had known deep down for a long time that Matt and I needed to do what we did.

And the results speak for themselves, I don’t have any regret about leaving the other company now, I don’t have those pangs that make me want to do things differently.

I have to remember that sometimes.

When I have to make hard decisions that I know in my gut are the right decisions.

I have to remember that we feel the discomfort now in order to feel the liberation and happiness later.

I can do hard things.

Because on the other side of those hard things is always something better than what was before.

So even though sometimes I feel regret over hard decisions.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And it’s bright.

Carry on.