I Sling Houses

Which is a lame way of saying I help people sell their homes, it’s a weird process, and to be fair, it’s usually too spendy.

I can help with that.

I Help You “Find Home”

Like above, but for people who are wanting to find that new space to call home.

“Home” is a ridiculously important concept for me. It’s more than finding a pile of sticks and bricks to live in, it’s about being excited to go back to your own “fortress of solitude” daily.

Which makes you kind of like Superman doesn’t it?

To search for homes click here

I Write Words

Of course I write them here, but I also send out a monthly physical newsletter each month that is really only tangentially related to real estate.

When I say physical newsletter, I mean on paper, with a stamp, like it’s the 50’s.

For legal reasons you should know that I am a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Utah. And for more legal reasons my company is Unity Group Real Estate.