Let’s find a little bit of it.

This whole pandemic has the capacity to bring out the best in us and the worst in us, and I have been seeing both of those things in our society.

We have all been seeing them.

And the one thing that is the running undercurrent of all of it is fear.

Some of us have dealt with fear by panicking and overstocking on items that we think we will need or can barter for because somehow we see the natural outcome as a Walking Dead-esque post apocalyptic wasteland.

Some of us have dealt with the fear by making ourselves available to help others, by showing up for our neighbors and loved ones.

Some of us have dealt with the fear by making fun of all the people who are afraid right now, all while not recognizing that we ourselves are afraid.

Some of us have dealt with the fear by ignoring it, or diminishing what is going on, and maybe it is all overblown, but our society’s response is very real.

And very telling.

We have an opportunity right now, to come together the was we know we can during tragedies, we have seen it all through our nation’s history, most recently after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. We know we are a good people, we know we are a helpful people, we know we are a people united when we need to be.

We have spent so many years divided and created an ecosystem in which we are so wrapped up in “us versus them” that we need to recognize that there is no “them.”

There is only us.

All of us.

And the only way through this is to set aside all the bullshit that has been dividing us for the last decade.

And to come together.

As only we can.

Because dammit…

…we are better than this.

Carry on.

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