If you talk to me long enough you will likely hear the following sentence.

“When I broke my leg.”

I might utter this phrase often enough that you might think I have broken my leg numerous times.


My brother Dave on the other hand?

But that’s another story isn’t it.

Reality check, I have been through some tough things, but overall I have had a very easy life, I feel like I need to make this clear before I go talking about my stupid leg.

We clear?


When I broke my leg I thought it was not going to be a big deal, I sat there on the side of the mountain waiting for the helicopter, cracking jokes and thinking to myself, “they’ll put me in a boot for 8 weeks and I’ll be back to normal.”

This was not what happened.

After they drilled a hole in my bone and slammed a titanium rod down the hollow part with a sledgehammer I found out just how different those would be.

No walking.

No weight bearing.

No lowering my leg without it swelling up intensely.

I had the ability to lay on my back with my leg elevated and then I could move around the house on crutches but I couldn’t really sit anywhere without my leg elevated, and being on crutches I couldn’t so much as carry a cup of coffee back to my room.

So I was stuck.

And it sucked.

Over the previous years I had become an active person, and when you do that you get used to a bunch of what Pete Holmes calls “the Happy Juice” rolling around in your brain, you know the feel good chemicals like serotonin and the like.

I found myself not only unable to really do anything for myself, but also deprived of the “Happy Juice” I had become used to.

Which caused me to spiral hard into a depression.

It was a darker time for me than most any other time in my life.

I felt powerless.

I felt helpless.

I felt…worthless.

Most other times when I have been through something emotionally wrenching I have a secret trick I use to help myself feel better, I try to help other people that are sharing my loss, I try to do more for a bunch of other people because it selfishly helps me to feel better.

But this time…

It was just me. Alone. With my thoughts.

Kind of dangerous for me to be in that situation.

Business suffered.

Relationships suffered.

And I had to find a way through.

Right about that time Matt suggested a book to me, it has a pretty simple premise.

If you have a morning routine you will be able to accomplish more.

So I decided to give the authors version of a morning routine a try.

And even though I still couldn’t do anything that I usually did.

I started to feel that every day I was accomplishing something.

And I started to feel better.

That routine has become so important to me that now a year and a half later, I still wake up early to make sure I get my routine done.

If I miss, my day loses something.

But more often than not I don’t miss.

And I learned that it wasn’t the specific accomplishments that were fulfilling, it wasn’t the physical activity, or solving peoples problems, or selling houses, or any of that.

It was feeling like I accomplished something…anything.

That was the golden ticket back to feeling good, and it was the golden ticket to feeling like I could be more than I was previously. So while things come and things go in life, one thing I will want to keep constant is that morning routine.

Because it changed everything.

Carry on.

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