Today I present you with a list of stupid things I once believed. Also known as lies I told myself. (note: I do not believe these things anymore) I am not worth the effort. People find me incredibly offensive. People find me incredibly annoying. People only put up with me out of politeness. I don’t know […]

Nothing Special

There is nothing special about them. Celebrities, athletes, high performers. They are not innately better than the rest of us. We tell ourselves that lie because it’s easier to believe that everyone that has accomplished something great just had it handed to them. Whether by genetics or opportunity or whatever it might be. The truth is […]

Line In The Sand

Draw a line in the sand. That’s what you have to do. I figure this month y’all will get sick of me talking about no sugar/no booze/no fake sugar/ no anythingthatyourbodyprocesseslikesugar stuff I am going through, but…well if you read this stuff you have chosen to follow me as I try to challenge myself towards 1% […]

Sleeping In

I planned on sleeping in today. I felt like I had earned it. I get that sleeping until 6:30 or so is not “sleeping in” to most people, but I am who I am. I wake up at 4:22 almost every morning, and after yesterday’s hike I was exhausted. I spent the day on the verge […]


Shortcuts. They aren’t ever worth it. This morning Matt and I hiked to the top of Mount Raymond, it was pretty amazing, there were multiple points on the trail where the views were some of the best we had ever seen, it’s always remarkable when you get up on a saddle between 2 canyons and are […]

Strategy vs Tactics

“Strategy vs Tactics” There is a wide chasm between these two concepts, but all too often in business we conflate the two. And we do so at our own peril. I was talking to my friend and coach Ryan Fletcher back in February and he was the one that first made the distinction clear. We were […]

No Sugar

No sugar. Pretty simple right? Two weeks ago I made a decision to cut sugar for a month, I gave myself a hard deadline to begin and I started planning out how I would be rolling through this thing. But the thing was I wasn’t only going to cut sugar, I am also cutting anything that […]

Old Man

I had an interesting experience yesterday. We were doing some service for an organization that helps single parents in need, and as a part of this service we were helping to get some housing units cleaned out and ready for new paint and furniture and the like. My friend Anthony and I were the furniture haul […]

Decisions, Decisions…

“So which is it?” More often than not when Matt and I discuss some decision to make with the business it comes down to an “option A versus option B” situation, in which we have before us two directions and typically both of them look equally viable. But we have to choose one. Such was the […]

Holding Hands

It was electric. Every single time. It was one of my favorite moments in any new relationship. As a teenager there were few things I orchestrated as painstakingly as the first time I held a girl’s hand, sometimes I pulled it off beautifully, and other times it did not go according to plan. But there was […]