Four-Way Frustrated

It’s a four way stop. Not rocket science. But somehow, as human drivers it seems none of us know what the hell we are doing. Who goes first? It seems like every time I hit a four-way stop one of two things will happen. Either the person who actually has the right of way will stop […]

Sisyphus For The Summer

“I just can’t get anything else done.” Seven words. Seven words that might not be too terrible for someone else. Seven words that might just mean, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” But not for her. Tia wants to do all the things, and in most cases she is successful. She gets more done on a daily […]

Chasing Happiness

Things were fine. No, things were better than fine. According to most people I had “made it.” But I wasn’t happy. That’s the problem with chasing someone else’s dream, you might get there only to find out that it’s not what you really wanted. But then you feel stuck. You came all this way, you did […]

Anxiety Is A MotherF***er

“How does someone overcome anxiety?” This is THE question for me. All of my life I have experienced this situation, the tightness in my chest is so common that if I don’t feel it I start to get anxious about not feeling anxious. See where I’m at? I am different than a lot of people though, […]

Fist Fights and Limits

My brother used to beat me up a lot. Let me clarify. My little brother used to beat me up a lot. I feel like it’s an important distinction, most of the time when you are suffering through the injustice of getting a beatdown from your sibling you can maintain some semblance of dignity due to […]


His name is Anthony. And I wish I had been like him at his age. He’s the kind of guy where when you talk to him you have that thought, “One day everyone is going to be working for this guy.” (Well everyone except me) I don’t want to highlight his age, but I feel like […]

Sometimes choices pay off, sometimes they don’t

It was beautiful this morning as I woke up excited for my Thursday hike. As I was driving to the trail I noticed the cloud cover out west. No big deal. Then the lightning started. And I thought to myself, “no worries, the storm looks like it’s moving straight north, and since I’ll be over on […]

Same Journey, Different Paths

We are all on the same journey. Hang with me on this one. The moment we are born, it is already known how it’s going to end, what happens after that is really a mystery, but we all know that at one point the life we know is going to end. We are also all human […]


I used to just sit back and expect things to happen for me, and for the most part to worked, I didn’t have to work very hard and things just sort of rolled along, I took the business that came my way and relied on the fact that I am pretty damn good at Real Estate […]


I am getting lazy. Maybe not in the way you think. And maybe I’m wrong. I started this whole daily writing experiment last October, and I have been faithfully knocking out my weekday posts without fail since then. When I first started it was a huge struggle. I would look at my topic for the day […]