Popular Vs Necessary

It’s easy to do the popular thing. You know what I am talking about. The easiest decisions to make are the ones where there is no risk if you make that decision, of course maybe you won’t gain what you hope to gain, or accomplish what you set out to accomplish. But you didn’t risk failing, […]

That Was A Bear

“Nah man, that was a bear,” he said. “Wait, what?” I replied “Yeah I saw it right in between our campsites.” And that is how I found out that I did not hear a moose grazing last night, but that I had told myself a convincing lie in order to sleep. I love hiking, I love […]


Here I sit. It’s been a long time that there are things I do nearly every day. And every day it’s a decision I have to make. Do I? Don’t I? Every single day. If you look at your life and really pick apart each step along the way you will notice a pattern. Your life […]

A Parable

There is an old story in the buddhist tradition. At least I think it is from the buddhist tradition. To be fair, I could be way off base. But whatever… Two monks, one old and one quite young are walking along a road when they come to a river, the river is running fast and is […]

Sleeps On A Plane

We leave tonight. No matter what the situation is it’s the same every time. I love to travel. Correction…I love being at the destination. I loathe getting there. A few weeks ago the stars aligned and instead of a standard birthday situation we were able to arrange for Noah and me to go to New York […]

Falling Off The Wagon

“Falling off the wagon” I think that’s what they call it. If it is, that’s what I did this weekend. To be fair, it was just Saturday. But man, was it weird for me. Many of you know that I love food, but in order to live as long and healthy a life as possible I […]

I Am, I Do.

There are things that I am. And there are things that I do. For as long as I can remember I have always loved music, and for almost as long I have wanted to write songs. Somewhere in the universal timeline there exists a cassette tape, and on that cassette tape there is a recording of […]

Leverage Your Faults

I find that most of the time the things we see as our faults are not actually faults per se. They are only faults insofar as we define them as such, and one of the most powerful things I have discovered in my daily life, and particularly in business is that if you can find a […]

Castlevania…and Life Lessons

What am I missing? What am I not seeing that will fix it? What’s the magic bullet? I have been self employed for most of my adult life, and most of my time being self employed I have worked in Real Estate, it’s been more or less 15 years from my humble beginnings as a would […]

Who is Writing Your Script?

Who is writing your script? Is it you? Or are you letting someone else decide who you are going to be? For years I didn’t write my own script. I let so many other people in my life decide who I was going to be, it wasn’t a conscious choice, I just got so wrapped up […]