A Rant

Today… A rant. I don’t know what happens in some people’s lives. I really don’t. But there seems to be a type of person out there whose sole purpose is to try and break people down. It just happened to us. We recently opened a branch in the Park City area. We were really proud of […]


Everyone’s a hypocrite. And I mean everyone. You. Me. Your mom. Even your sweet grandma (I know you want to punch me for even bringing her up in this context) But this is reality. And you know what? It’s okay. The truth is we all have ideals, we have ways in which we want the world […]


Laziness… It was once a trademark of what I do. Do the least amount of work for an acceptable outcome. It’s not really an effective way to go about business. It’s frustrating and you always seem just one step behind where you want to be, but you don’t recognize your lack of “doing” as the reason […]


There is a thing I tell my people. It’s a simple thing. But important. So I’m going to tell you as well. You should tell your story. Our stories have power, storytelling as an art is one of the oldest known traditions we have as human beings. The most powerful lessons are shared via story. The […]


I wish more people knew me well 5 or 6 years ago. I think it would make more sense why I harp on the things I do.  If you saw pictures of me from that time you wouldn’t really notice a difference, maybe I look a little pudgier around the neck back then. But on the […]

Broken Brain

Over the long haul I am starting to realize something. My brain is broken. But not in a bad way. Let me explain. I think I’ve touched on this in the past, and to be fair I’ll likely talk about it in the future, but growing up I always thought that everyone thought the same way […]

Thinking Thoughts About…

I have a lot of thoughts. Some might say too many thoughts. But I can’t help it. There is one thing in particular that has been owning my thoughts these days. And by “these days” I mean the last 6 months. It’s become a bit of a problem. The thing that has been owning my thoughts […]

Inner Critic

Ever since I was a kid there has been a voice in my head. Not of the schizophrenic variety. But there nonetheless. I thought everyone had this voice, I thought we all carried around that quiet voice inside that told you that you could not do it. I found out later that a lot of people’s […]


It’s my Mom’s birthday today. She would have been 70 years old. It’s funny how once you are a parent you tend to be able to look at your parents a little differently. When I was little my Mom was superhuman, she was the best at all the mom things possible, and no one could have […]


I had an interesting conversation this week about boundaries. And it’s been rolling around in my brain ever since. We all have boundaries. Even if it seems like we don’t we do. And it seems to me that boundaries and whether or not people respect those boundaries have a lot to do with our emotional health. […]