I ran away. I just…packed a bag and ran away. I guess it wasn’t so simple as all of that, but the fact of the matter is last Wednesday I decided to run away and last Thursday I ran away…far away I drove out into the middle of nowhere in the desert in southern Utah and […]

Mad World

It’s a mad mad mad mad world. But I am seeing hope. I am seeing less people losing their minds, I am seeing less people panicking that it is the end of the world, I am seeing less people thinking only of themselves. I am seeing more people trying to help and uplift others. Maybe I’m […]

Pushing The River

Yesterday for me was chaos. The situation out there in the world, was a very keen reflection of my inside world. Just…chaos. Today? Today I feel better, I know it’s still chaos out there, but I know I can deal with it because right now my internal self has some peace. Peace I haven’t had in […]


Solidarity. Let’s find a little bit of it. This whole pandemic has the capacity to bring out the best in us and the worst in us, and I have been seeing both of those things in our society. We have all been seeing them. And the one thing that is the running undercurrent of all of […]

Back At It

Daily writing. I thought I could shift away from it without consequence. I thought I could get by each day with only a little bit of it. I was wrong. To be fair, writing these think pieces every weekday is incredibly difficult. And there are definitely days where I just want to not have to. And […]


Expectations. They are a tricky mistress. You go through your whole life building them. This is how my life is going to look, this is how my relationships are going to pan out, this is how my family is going to look, this is how my health is going to look. And we get horrifically frustrated […]


Change… It’s the one thing we can always count on. And the one thing we tend to resist the most. Which is kind of a funny dichotomy. How many of us have said some phrase akin to “as soon as things calm down I will…” And the reality is things never calm down. Which in turn […]

The Dark

In our house we have all the categories of kids. The older two are the “bigs.” The younger two are the “littles” Other categories include the “middles,” the “ends” the “boys and the “girls.” And those categories take care of all the possible pairings of 2 of the four kids. At bedtime we have different rules […]

18 Years

I look back at January 23rd 2002 and I know exactly how I felt that morning. I was nervous as hell.  I was stuck in traffic. I was tapping the steering wheel anxiously. I was listening to Tom Jobim play Desafinado. And I had forgotten the ring. My whole life I have tried to not be […]

Do The Right Thing

Do the right thing. That’s the secret. If I could only teach my people one thing that would contribute most to their success in real estate those four words would be what I would say. And if they went out into the world of real estate armed only with that advice I feel like their success […]