Me vs. Me

It’s a war every single day. The first time I fight myself is when that alarm goes off at 4:22 AM. My higher self says, “time to get up and get it done.” My lower self says, “go back to sleep, you don’t want to do any of this anyway, who do you think you are?” […]

No Pics

This morning I hiked up to Red Pine Lake. I forgot to take any pictures. Which made it feel like something different and a little special. To be fair, I think I didn’t take any pictures because it was overcast and then smoke from the fires was casting a haze over everything. It didn’t make me […]

On First Drafts and Revision Hate

I must write today. Do you know how I know that? Because I really really don’t want to write today. Yesterday I wrote about simple things versus easy things, and I have been really thinking about that difference ever since. What I do every day is simple, I write. But it’s not easy. And I get […]

Simple Vs Easy

Life just doesn’t work like that. I wish it did, but the hard truth? The scary truth? None of it is easy. But all of it is pretty simple. There is a great chasm of difference between “easy” and “simple” yet most of us don’t stop to take the time to think through why these things […]


The Wall. The Plateau. The Outer Limit. All names for the same type of thing, when we feel like we have gone as far as we can we will use one of these terms to express that we can’t go any farther. We have names for these sorts of things because it’s easier to say we […]

Walk The Talk

Walk the talk. It seems simple. But more often than not people’s actions betray it’s simple message. Most people know what they have to do, but they simply don’t do it. Because knowing what to do is easy. But doing it? That shits hard. Is it any wonder that the world is full of people that […]

The Gym Is Dumb

The gym is a stupid place. Like legitimately ridiculous. I had this realization as I looked around and all of us at the gym ALL OF US were just moving heavy things back and forth. Those heavy things can be cables, or barbells, or dumbbells, or a sled, or even just our bodies. But the reality […]

Getting Back On The Horse

One of the hardest things to do is take another crack at something you failed at. Because you already burned out some of the fire that was within you the first time. When you try something for the first time you don’t know what you don’t know, so you just jump in, and survive on sheer […]

Naming The Villain

“Naming the villain.” I hope at this juncture it’s no secret that what I am doing every single day follows a set formula. It’s not something I am fabricating out of whole cloth. It’s the long game. At one point I decided I needed to be the hero in my own story. I learned that from […]

Hard Knocks

The truth is I have no idea what I am doing. I see the end. I can see how I want it all to look. But I am playing a game of “learn as you go.” I have always had to be this way, I can’t do the thing where I go into “study mode” for […]