I used to say something stupid. Okay I still say stupid things. But I used to say that my greatest fear was losing a limb and losing my hair. Which was never true, even though I have so much gratitude that I have all my limbs and that my hair, while slowly rolling into the gray, […]

Mailbox Baseball

A federal offense. That’s what it was. A federal offense. Punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and or 3 years in jail. Yet we thought it was hilarious. We would pile in to my buddy’s van, and slowly look for the perfect victim. Something on a regular wood post, something that already looked a […]

Not Alone

Maybe me saying I do a lot of things doesn’t really come across the way I want. And I feel like I need to be super clear about this. I don’t do anything on my own. It may look like it. I may act like it sometimes. But I have the best people all around me […]


Relentless. According to Tim Grover that is what champions are, they are willing to give up everything in pursuit of a single goal. And I mean everything… Time. Relationships. Vacations. The small pleasures of life. He treats this idea as a trait worthy of the highest praise. He speaks of being a champion above all else. […]


Sometimes you have to embrace the hard truth. It’s not the easiest thing to do. But sometimes… Just sometimes. You have to admit that you are better than you used to be. We all have this thing, that makes us diminish our own progress, call it humility if you will, but I am going to call […]

Spinning Plates

Apparently I am doing a lot of stuff. I don’t realize it until I start talking to people about what I am doing. Because it’s just my life. In fact, I often feel like I am not working on enough things I care about at any given moment, which is odd because every time I complete […]

Self Reflection

I never really thought of myself as successful. Because I didn’t hit the metrics. “What metrics?” You ask? Why the arbitrary set of standards that at some point I decided were the only thing that marked “success.” A certain dollar amount. A certain house in a certain neighborhood. A certain car. And a certain way that […]

Why I Write

It’s been almost a year. I wrote my first of these posts on October 29th 2018. And I had committed to 90 days, and once those 90 days ended I just kept going. And when I come to the one year mark? I’m just going to keep going. I started doing this to challenge myself. I […]


I went to a concert by myself last night. I thought I was going to feel like a weirdo. Turns out I enjoyed the hell out of it. I never thought I would be the type to go to a concert or a movie or anything alone, I kind of have this craving to have people […]


It could be a huge deal. Or it could be a nothingburger. All of that remains to be seen. I am in the process of making something, (I have a lot of help making this, so I guess we would be an operative pronoun) and I think it has legs, I think it has the ability […]